Lyrics Of Philippine Folk Songs

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

Filipino Folk material can be seen as 7 basic life principles: the 7 Words. Identity is first, where the central story can be put most simply as: who am I? Usually many of us have a real and important need to become better focused about what we are trying to achieve. This concerns all things, from everyday practical matters to dealing with distressing emotions. The problem seems to be to do with how to achieve a clear mind and then to find the answers to questions. The 7 Words System offers a straightforward instinctive procedure that enables us to get a much better appreciation of what exactly we are looking for. The process kicks off with No. First and foremost we will need to identify accurately what we don’t want, what is not useful, before we can know what we do want.

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

Second, the quest for knowledge, reaching out beyond the horizons of habit to meet new people, new ideas and new ways to see the world. The following step links with the word Hello. We will need to make ourselves open to new potential if we have a desire to increase our choice of keys to the challenges that we face. You agree? To get something fresh we will need to widen our scope and look where we have not formerly looked already. Fresh dreams, new associates, new places and new things are clearly facets of giving some consideration to something we have not previously been subjected to. It calls us to trade old for new, that can tender something in adequate return for what are trying to get.

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

Then love. Romantic love between woman and man is favourite, yet the importance of family, village, nation and humanity itself also shows acts of kindness. Among all open options, some are more appealing than others and we feel we want to treat them as having a greater significance, because we appreciate them more. This is explained by the primary word Thanks. Repeatedly, we overlook the meaning of what we have, then blindly move into ingratitude and are likely to take things for granted.It’s more than simply good manners to display our appreciation for things we attach importance to; it has a significant part to play in helping us to realize our aims. Unconsciously, we are pulled to what we communicate gratitude for, and yet it’s equally valid to say that we are able to attract them to us too. We increase pull when we say Thanks and therefore, whenever we do this, we readily bring things towards us.

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

The Heros quest. The brave young man goes forward to take on challenges, either external or internal. The defeating of evil is a metaphor for the battle of light and darkness within ones own heart. The word Goodbye is one of the seven primary words and concerns a course of development that has four phases. They are: realization, decision, completion and moving on. What we are saying goodbye to a possible stage of development, and therefore could be observed in simple terms as absolute dismissal of a possible course of action that we had been progressing towards and in future will not go in for. It is a turning point in our pick of possible futures. Goodbye is different from No because it means that there has been a degree of some level of connection already, which now needs to end compared to No’s refusal to become involved in the first place. Genuine decisions cut the past away completely and that sharpness sets up an opening that otherwise does not show itself.

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

Vision Quest. The seeker needs to find answers to deep issues of concern that expand power and wisdom. The future unfolds according to the things considered normal of what has gone before unless we take control of it and bend it to our will. This compels us to have a vision of how we want it to be; this vision has to be very clear, clear-cut and positive converted into intention. They differ don’t they – vision and intention? The first is fairly illusory and the second is much more single-minded and conscious.For a dream to become real there must be help. Nothing can be completed without winning the benefit of others – this takes aptitude, doubtless influence, , even inspiration. It is not always essential to offer something such as money or money’s worth.

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

Another theme that appears in song, myth and epic is redemption. Each of us, yearns to be released from the pain of guilt and shame, and purified through atonement. Sorry, the 6th primary word, is best seen as repairing harm done if we’ve been inattentive or unmindful to the needs or wants of another. The best strategy is to make sure we preclude the need to say it by being thoughtful earlier. For what reason? Well it’s because anyone we upset may well act against our better purposes and diminish our likelihood of achievement of our goals, so it is obviously more judicious to be concerned about others as well as ourselves. It is all about being responsible, having a degree of concern for someone whom we’ve upset and offering reimbursement when we’ve done wrong. Then and only then will it ever be feasible to avoid or repair bitterness and leave go of the everlasting nastiness that otherwise would intensify and worsen.

Filipino Folk Material in 7 Words

The final journey is the quest for the absolute. This can take the form of spiritual ascendancy, seclusion, surrender and death, a final acknowledgement of the unity of all life. The concluding point of our 7 Words approach relates with acceptance; there are occasions when we simply have to consent to what we cannot change. The word is Yes. It would be good wouldn’t it if we were able to make the world exactly the way we envision it – but in reality we can’t. We always need to take what comes, and to take what is not exactly what we asked for.The best knack is to place reliance on the fact that everything in time turns around to our advantage, that the modifications to our plans are all improvements when understood in the perspective of the longer term. Definitely it’s not easy to see it when we are still close and attached to our desires of course not! However hold your fire and you will see that the surprising events, the surprises and frustrations are actually the best bits masquerading as trouble.


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